Promoting affordable, safe, clean technologies for coal and other energy resources.


As the world’s top energy consumers and energy producers, the U.S. and People’s Republic of China (China) will play central roles in the world’s transition to a clean energy economy in the years ahead. Reducing emissions, shifting to cleaner energy sources, and implementing advanced coal technologies are areas of common interest to both countries.

With support from and engagement by the two governments at the highest level, the U.S. China Energy Center (USCEC) encourages bilateral cooperation around energy and environmental issues to promote joint research, opportunities for business and institutional partnerships,  educational exchanges and other outreach activities including hosting workshops, trainings and conferences.

The USCEC is a “one-stop-shop” for universities, businesses, governmental agencies and other institutions interested in promoting and advancing collaborative activities between the U.S. and China that create opportunities for research, networking, education and development around a broad range of energy issues.

Acting Director Richard Bajura; 304.293.6034


Associate Director Qingyun Sun; 304.293-5545

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