CO2 Deserts: Implications of Existing CO2 Supply Limitations for Carbon Management

Middleton,Richard S., Clarens,Andres F. , Liu,Xiaowei , Bielicki,Jeffrey M. , and Levine,Jonathan S.
Environmental Science & Technology
DOI: 10.1021/es5022685 • Publication Date (Web): 19 Aug 2014
Efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change will require deep reductions in

The Complex Future of CO2 Capture and Storage: Variable Electricity Generation and Fossil Fuel Power

Middleton, Richard S. ,  Eccles, Jordan K.
Applied Energy 108 (2013) 66–73
Fossil fuels are an integral part of the US energy portfolio, playing a prominent role for current and future domestic energy security. A sustainable, low-carbon future will require CO2 to be captured from major coal

The Cross-Scale Science of CO2 Capture and Storage: From the Pore Scale to the Regional Scale

Middleton, R.S., G. Keating, P.H. Stauffer, A. Jordan, H. Viswanathan, Q. Kang, B. Carey, M. Mulkey, J. Sullivan, S.P. Chu, and R. Esposito
Energy and Environmental Science, 2012, 5, 7328-7345
We describe state-of-the-art science and technology related to modeling of CO2 capture and storage

Impact of Pore Size Characteristics on the Electrosorption Capacity of Carbon Xerogel Electrodes for Capacitive Deionization

Landon,J. , X. Gao, B. Kulengowski, J. K. Neathery, K. Liu
Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 2012, 159, A1861-A1866
Conductive, monolithic carbon xerogel electrodes have been synthesized using a flexible carbon support and a resorcinol-formaldehyde (RF) polycondensation reaction with

Simulation of Industrial-Scale CO2 Storage: Multi-Scale Heterogeneity and its Impacts on Storage Capacity, Injectivity and Leakage

Deng, H., P.H. Stauffer, Z. Dai, Zunsheng Jaio, R.S. Surdam
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 2012, 10, 397-418
Abstract, theme 6 publication

Catalytic Deoxygenation of Fatty acids and Their Derivatives to Hydrocarbon Fuels Via Decarboxylation/decarbonylation

Santillan-Jimenez, E. , M. Crocker
Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 2012, 87 (8), 1041-1050
Abstract,theme 7 publication

Research Progress of Phenolic Compounds in Biomass Utilization

Wu, X., Wei Zhao, Caihui Yan, Huamei Yang, Dan Liu
Chemical Intermediates, 2012, (1): 10-14
Abstract, theme 2 publication

Characterization of a Bio-oil from Pyrolysis of Rice Husk by Detailed Compositional Analysis and Structural Investigation of Lignin

Lu, Y. , X Y. Wei, J P Cao, Li P, F J. Liu, Y P. Zhao, X. Fan, W. Zhao, L C. Rong, Y B. Wei, S Z. Wang, J. Zhou, Z M. Zong
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Abstract, theme 2 publication

Coal and Biomass Co-gasification Research

Hu, C., Min Zhou, Liqiang Song
Coal Processing and Comprehensive Utilization, 2012, (1): 44-49
Abstract, theme 2 publication

Catalytic deoxygenation of triglycerides to hydrocarbons over supported nickel catalysts

Morgan, T., E. Santillan-Jimenez, A.E. Harman-Ware, Y. Ji, D. Grubb, M. Crocker
Chemical Engineering Journal, 2012, Volumes 189-190, Pages 346-355
Abstract,theme 7 publication