Official Documents

Annex II – A to the Protocol on Cooperation in the Field of Fossil Energy Technology Development and Utilization between the Department of Energy of the United States of America and the Ministry of Science and technology of the People’s Republic of China for Cooperation in the Area of

Conference Presentations

SIEG 350 MW Oxyfuel Thermal and Electrical Generation Demonstration Project
U.S.-China Fossil Energy Protocol Annex II Cooperation in the Area of Clean Fuels
Future Plan of Annex II for Cooperation in the Area of Clean Fuels Between US and China
Planning of Annex II


China National Energy Strategy and Policy 2020, Subtitle 6: Energy Environment and Its Public Health Impact
What is China’s Capital Seeking in a Global Environment?
The Way to Low-carbon Economy
Stoking the Fire
Electromagnetic Coal-Transport Pipeline First Commercial Operation
The Rise of China:


WVU Experts Meet With Chinese Coal-to-liquids Leaders
WVU Building Energy Bridge With China
An All-Of -The-Above Approach to American Energy
China’s Coal
Who’s Sleeping Now?