US-China Energy Center at WVU – Current Projects

U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center Advanced Coal Technology Collaboration

Project Sponsor: DOE/PI

Project Description: The vision of the US-China CERC-ACTC is to advance the technologies needed to safely, effectively, and efficiently utilize coal resources, which includes capturing, storing, and utilizing the emissions from coal use. The results will benefit both countries through economic development, reduced emissions, and improved energy efficiency. Key research in clean coal technologies is addressing new challenges associated with clean coal power generation and transformation; the development of low-cost capture technologies; and the development of geological sequestration practices.

Project External Partners: University of Wyoming, University of Kentucky, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, National Energy Technology Laboratory, US-China Clean Energy Forum, World Resources Institute, Indiana Geological Survey, Duke Energy, LP Amina, Babcock and Wilcox

Project Internal Partners: Dr. Jerald J. FletcherDr. Qingyun Sun , Dr. Tim Carr, Dr. Richard Turton, Dr. Ismail Celik, Dr. Richard Bajura

Long Term Environmental and Economic Impacts of Coal Liquefaction in China

(Annex II to US-China Fossil Energy Protocol)

Project Sponsor: DOE/NETL

Project Description: The overall objective of this effort is to describe and quantify the environmental and economic impacts of development of the coal liquefaction sector in the Peoples Republic of China (China). The information on current liquefaction processes developed to support this research effort provides direct benefits to the United States in the evaluation of alternative coal utilization processes. There has been a significant CCS component as well. The ongoing work with the China Shenhua Coal Liquefaction Company (CSCLC) in the private sector and the National Energy Administration in China also supports US Department of Energy activities under Annex II of the US-China Clean Energy Protocol.

Project Partners: Dr. Jerry Fletcher, Dr. Qingyun Sun, Dr. Tim Carr, Dr. Dengliang Gao, Dr. Richard Bajura


US-China Carbon Capture and Storage Development Project at WVU

Project Sponsor: DOE/NETL (State Department funding initial source)

Project Description: The overall objective of this activity is to undertake resource evaluation and planning for two pilot-demonstration CCS projects and to describe and quantify the geologic, environmental, and economic challenges to successful development of large-scale CCS in China’s coal sector.

Project Partners: Dr. Jerry Fletcher, Dr. Qingyun Sun, Dr. Tim Carr


Extension & Outreach Program

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