Fossil Energy (FE) Protocol Between US & China

initiated in 1985 and renewed in 2009

US Objectives

  • Promote scientific and technological cooperation on FE RDD&D
  • Create opportunities for US industry and power developers in China
  • Create opportunities for Chinese investments in USA

Fossil Energy (FE) Global Knowledge Network Program

As part of the Annex II-A of the US-China Protocol, the US-China Energy Center (US-CEC) at West Virginia University assisted the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Fossil Energy (US DOE FE) with the FE-Shenhua Group Project, a pilot project of the Fossil Energy (FE) Global Knowledge Network Program.  This Annex II-A-related project involved an exchange of professionals and administrators from the US DOE FE and the Shenhua Group of China. Participants will focus on issues related to coal conversion, coal and energy production, alternative fuel utilization, power generation, and other applicable technical issues.

The project is intended to allow the participants to:

  • observe first-hand the operation of mining, power generation, and coal-based chemical production in the respective nations
  • develop an understanding of the working relationships in the respective countries between universities, research institutes, and industry especially related to new fossil energy technologies including carbon capture, utilization, and storage
  • build knowledge and insight into how domestic energy and environmental policies and international agreements are analyzed and implemented by the energy sector in the respective nations

More information, contact

Trina Wafle
Richard Bajura

Corporate Profile of Shenhua Group

  • One of the State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), established in 1995
  • The largest coal company in China and the largest coal supplier in the world
  • An integrated mega-large energy company with businesses covering (1) mining, (2) power, (3) railway, (4) port and (5) coal to liquids coal to chemicals.
  • 47 subsidiaries (Branches), 270,000 employees and RMB 640 billion total assets (at end of April 2012).