Shenhua has developed the world’s first modern direct coal liquefaction (DCL) facility in Inner Mongolia. Now in full production, this plant produces significant amounts of CO2. Shenhua’s stated goal is to permanently store much of this CO2 in geologic formations in the Ordos Basin.

Shanxi International Energy Group Co., Ltd (SIEG) is planning to build 2×350 Mw coal-based oxy-fueled facilities for integrated electricity generation coupled with distributed heating and cooling in Shanxi Province, China. In addition to power, heat and cooling for the area, the completed facility will annually produce about 4.0 million tons (MT) of high purity carbon dioxide (CO2). West Virginia University in cooperation with the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) developed a prefeasibility evaluation of potential options for CO2 GS and beneficial industrial utilization, which identified geologic storage opportunities in Shanxi Province and the southern Ordos Basin of adjoining Inner Mongolia and Shaanxi provinces.

Participants of CCUS Project

  • West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV, USA
  • Shenhua Group Corporation Limited, Beijing, China
  • Shanxi International Energy Group Corporation Limited,  Taiyuan, China
  • Peking University, Beijing, China
  • China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China
  • China University of Mining and Technology , Beijing, China
  • China University of Petroleum , Beijing, China

Principal Investigator

Dr. Jerry Fletcher, Director of the WVU US–China Energy Center Program

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