The Shenhua Group Corporation is developing the world’s first commercial coal liquefaction facility to transform coal into diesel fuel and gasoline in Inner Mongolia, China. West Virginia University (WVU) and Shenhua Group are to conduct research on the ecology, environment, and economy of the most affected region in China, under the Annex II of the US-China Clean Energy Protocol. Collaboration between the research team at WVU and the Shenhua Group will provide a rich and reliable database on the impacts of implementing commercial coal liquefaction technologies on the economy, on environmental quality, and on the overall ecology of the area surrounding the facility.

Shenhua DCL Plant

Shenhua DCL plant

Joint Research Contents

  • Environmental and economic analysis of Shenhua DCL plant
  • CO2 sequestration related to Shenhua DCL plant
  • Integrated DCL and ICL processes
  • FT synthesis study
  • CTL process modeling
  • Liquefaction fuel testing