2002 – West Virginia University’s Natural Resource Analysis Center (NRAC) and National Research Center for Coal and Energy (NRCCE) initiate a collaborative effort with the China Shenhua Coal Liquefaction Corporation on the economic and environmental impacts of implementing direct coal liquefaction technologies as a clean energy liquid fuel resource. The project has been supported by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in China and the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE).

2005 –  The WVU-Shenhua collaborative research activities were formally recognized as components of Annex II of the US-China Clean Energy Protocol.

2007 –  NRCCE and NRAC launch the US-China Energy Center.

2009 –  President Barack Obama and President Hu Jintao announce the establishment of the $150 million U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center focusing on technologies for building energy efficiency, advanced coal, and clean vehicles. West Virginia University is selected by the U.S. Department of Energy to lead the U.S.’s $25 million program for advanced coal technology research under the Advanced Coal Technology Consortium. At WVU, the work is coordinated by the US-CEC in affiliation with the NRCCE under WVU’s Advanced Energy Initiative.

The CERC Advance Coal Technology Consortium facilitates joint research and development in the area of clean coal technology, with broad participation from universities, research institutions and industry from the United States and China.

Current U.S. ACTC Participants

West Virginia University; Babcock & Wilcox; Duke Energy; General Electric; Indiana Geological Survey; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Los Alamos National Laboratory; LP Amina, National Energy Technology Laboratory; University of Kentucky; University of Wyoming; U.S.-China Clean Energy Forum; China Relations Council; World Resources Institute

Current China ACTC Participants

Huazhong University of Science and Technology; Center for Energy & Power, Chinese Academy of Sciences; China Huaneng Group Clean Energy Research Institute; China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation; China Power Investment Corporation, Beijing; China University of Mining and Technology; ENN (XinAo Group); Huaneng Power International, Inc.; Institute for Rock & Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Science; Northwest University of China; Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Energy Resources; Shanghai JiaoTong University; Shenhua Group; Tsinghua University; Yanchang Petroleum; Zhejiang University

Participation and Support

Mining, petroleum and  gas  companies; electric  utilities; allied industries (chemicals, metals and  cement); OEMs and  technology developers; and EPCs  and  other  service companies that share an interest in the development  and  deployment of clean  coal technologies and  carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the US and  China now have  an opportunity to participate  in the work of the consortium.

Benefits of Participation

  • Access to markets in China’s clean  energy sector
  • Established relationships with China’s largest private and state- owned energy companies
  • US industrial  partnerships with manufacturers, coal corporations, and  power producers
  • Access to procedures for intellectual property rights aimed  at technology deployment
  • Access to evolving technology, research data and experience
  • Participation in collaborative US higher education research

How to Support the Consortium

  • Cash contributions to help meet  federal  cost share requirements
  • In-kind contributions of facilities, equipment, materials and services
  • Technical expertise

Membership Categories

Governing Board Members ($300,000/yr for five years)   are entitled  to:

  • Participation in governing the Consortium
  • Access to US and China team members’ R&D sites
  • Access to and use of rights to sub-license inventions and other tangible IP
  • Access to and use of technical information, product progress reports, and research
  • Full participation in joint meetings, workshops and seminars, including bilateral China-US partnership meetings, annual assessments review, and access to SharePoint Site

Sustaining Members ($100,000/yr)  are entitled  to:

  • Access to and use of the Technical Information Progress Reports and results of the research
  • Full participation in joint meetings, workshops and seminars, including bilateral China-US partnership meetings, annual assessments review
Dr. Jerald J. Fletcher, ACTC Funding Director
West Virginia University
Mr. James Wood, ACTC Director
West Virginia University Research Corporation

An Invitation to Join American’s Lead team for International Advanced Coal Technology Development