The vision of the U.S.-China CERC-ACTC is to advance the technologies needed to safely, effectively, and efficiently utilize coal resources, which includes capturing, storing, and utilizing the emissions from coal use. The results will benefit both countries through economic development, reduced emissions, and improved energy efficiency. Key research in clean coal technologies is addressing new challenges associated with clean coal power generation and transformation; the development of low-cost capture technologies; and the development of geological sequestration practices.

CERC-ACTC focuses on emerging commercial, field, and development projects in the US and China to achieve rapid progress in advanced coal technology development, demonstration, and enhancement. The research program consists of research that will be conducted by leading researchers in both countries along 8 technical themes:

Advanced Power Generation

  1. Increase efficiency and availability of existing coal-fired power plants
  2. Advanced ultra-supercritical  boiler (A-USC) development
  3. Upgrade pulverizing system for subcritical power plants

Coal Conversion Technology

  1. Co-Generation System with Combined Pyrolysis, Gasification, and Combustion
  2. Chemical Looping Gasification With CO2 Capture
  3. Direct SNG Production from Coal
  4. Coal to SNG by Catalytic Gasification
  5. Gasification Properties of Coal DTL Residue
  6. Measurement, Modeling and Environmental Technologies for Unconventional Coal Gasification
  7. Coal/Biomass Co-Conversion Processes

Pre-Combustion CO2 Capture

  1. IGCC with CCS
  2. IGCC Knowledge Transfer

Post-Combustion CO2 Capture, Utilization and Technology

  1. 1M Tons/Year Post Combustion CO2 Capture at Duke Gibson Station
  2. Development of Solvent for CO2 Separation from Utility Flue Gas
  3. Development of Catalyst to Enhance CO2 Capture Kinetics in Scrubber
  4. Membrane Development for CO2 Separation from Utility Flue Gas Stream
  5. Post CO2 Scrubber Solvent Enrichment
  6. Amine Based Capture Modeling

Oxy-Combustion Research, Development, and Demonstration of Oxy-Firing Combustion

  1. Fuel Characterization and Emissions Study Under Oxyfuel Conditions
  2. Pilot-Scale Oxyfuel Combustion Evaluation and Optimization
  3. Steady-State and Dynamic Process Modeling Simulations
  4. Large Scale Feasibility

Sequestration Capacity and Near-Term Opportunities

  1. Saline Formations at the Basin Scale
  2. Geologic Storage and EOR
  3. Geological Storage and Enhanced Coal-Bed Methane (ECBM) Recovery
  4. Simulation and Modeling

CO2 Algae BioFixation and Use

  1. Screening of Algae Strains
  2. Development of Algae Cultivation and Demo
  3. Development of Efficient Post Processing
  4. Analysis of Techno-economic

Integrated Industrial Process Modeling and Additional Topics

  1. Steady State and Dynamic Modeling of IGCC with CCS
  2. Steady State and Dynamic Modeling of Post-Combustion Carbon Capture Technologies
  3. Visualization and Operator Training Tools and Simulations
  4. Modeling and Simulation of Post-Combustion Power-Plants with CO2 Capture
  5. Design and Steady State Modeling of Coal fired power plant with total carbon capture, including pre- and post- combustion
  6. Life Cycle Analysis of Coal-to-Chemical Systems with Pre-Combustion CO2 Capture