US-China Clean Energy Workshop

2014 Taiyuan Clean Energy Workshop


US-China Clean Energy Workshop & Exchange, Taiyuan, China, September 15-16, 2014


*Please note: Not all presentations are posted below. If you would like to have your presentation uploaded, or access to a not-publicly available presentation at the workshop, please contact the organizer. 

Session 1 : CCUS and Pollution Control

  1. The Texas Clean Energy Project (TCEP): A Poly-Generration Coal Gasification Plant
  2. The Oil-Coal-Gas Integrated Chemical Industry and CCUS Demonstration Project of Yanchang Petroleum Group
  3. Reservation Pressure Management
  4. Shanxi’s Potentials and Strategies of CO2 Geological Utilization and Storage (CGUS)
  5. Advanced Pollution Control in Power Generation Plants

Session 2: Coal Conversion Development & Challenges

  1. Development of Coal Deep Processing In China
  2. Coal to Cleaner Fuels
  3. Based on the Cleaning Utilization of Three-high Inferior Coal、Vigorously Promote the Large-scale Development of Coal Oil
  4. Celanese TCX® Ethanol Technology—A Viable Alternative Transportation Fuel Opportunity (Chinese version only)
  5. Coal to SNG in China
  6. Insitu “Biogasification” of Coal: Current State and Perspectives (Chinese version only)
  7. Current Development Situation of China Clean Coal Industry and Technology

Session 3: Advanced Power Systems

  1. GreenGen and CO2 Capture Projects in CHNG
  2. LP Amina’s Advanced Coal Utilization Solutions
  3. Guohua Power Coal-fired Generating Unit “Near Zero Emissions” Engineering Practice
  4. Updates on Alstom’s Clean Coal Technologies For Power Generation

Business & Technical Exchange – No Presentations from Chinese Organizations Approved for Release

  1. Reducing Emissions of Mercury and CO2 from Coal-Fired Power Plants to Meet New EPA Regulations
  2. GE HDGT & Low BTU Applications
  3. Shanxi and West Virginia Collaborations
  4. Economic and Environmental Barriers to Implementing Coal-to-Liquid Energy