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2020 CUMT Application Instructions

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Special Notice 3/30/2020:  Both CUMT and WVU are concerned about the status of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health problems being faced in China and the rest of the world.  The trip’s viability will be evaluated closer to the departure date if health concerns continue. As a result, WVU may cancel our participation in the program.


Application Instructions for 2020 CUMT Summer Program

for WVU Students

Step 1:  Learn More about the CUMT Summer Program for 2020

Please refer to the following entries on this website under the Student Exchange Tab.

  • Subtab:  2019 Video -  a 10-minute overview of last year’s program
  • Subtab:  2019 News -  a news release about last year’s participants
  • Subtab:  2020 Flyer prepared by CUMT about the summer program, and, a copy of the general announcement distributed to the University community

Step 2:  Eligibility

This program is open to WVU students who will have completed a sufficient number of course credits to be classified as being at the Junior level or higher in their major field of study at the start of the fall semester, 2020.  This classification includes rising juniors (i.e., starting their junior year in fall 2020), current juniors and seniors who will be enrolled in fall, 2020, students who have graduated but will be enrolling in a Masters or Doctoral program at WVU for the fall semester 2020, and students who are continuing graduate students in fall, 2020.

CUMT’s intent in inviting students from WVU is to promote cultural exchange between students of different nations. The Nominating Committee will give preferential treatment toward the selection of students who have an educational background in the United States versus selecting international students who have come to WVU only for the purpose of earning a degree from WVU. 

Step 3:  Initial Step in the Nomination Process – Target Date:  Monday, March 2, 2020

Students attending the Summer Program at CUMT are selected by CUMT based on their credentials after having been nominated by WVU.  Interested students are requested to send the following two information packets to the US-China Energy Center for review by the Nominating Committee:

  • Personal Resume – no more than two pages
  • Statement of Interest – one-page limit

These two documents will be basis under which nominees will be selected.

Personal Resume

The resume document should contain information about your background.  CUMT requires information about:  (1) your program of study and why you are interested in that line of study in your educational career; (2) your past experience in educational programs, jobs you may have had in the past, your personal interests such as hobbies or sports, and similar kinds of information that let us know about you personally; (3) sufficient information that identifies persons who can be contacted in case situations arise while you are in China that require family attention.  Since the schedule for making nominations is tight, you should also include information about how you can be contacted over the next several weeks while you are on campus or away during spring break. 

Statement of Interest

The statement of interest document should be directed to informing the Nominating Committee about how your participation in the CUMT summer program fits in with your educational goals or anticipated future goals for your professional activities as you develop your career for the near and far term. 

Step 4:  Completion of the Nomination Process  - Target Date:  Friday March 13, 2020

WVU has been requested to forward nominations to CUMT by Friday March 13th.  Jiangsu Province, where the CUMT campus is located, requires that international students attending any university in that Province be approved by the Provincial government.  The Provincial review, coupled with the additional time required to obtain a visa from the Chinese Embassy in the U.S., will take almost 2-and-a-half months.  Hence, the nomination process must be completed on the short time scale described herein to meet the program starting date.

Students selected by the Nominating Committee will be asked to complete final versions of their Resume and Statement of Interest Documents and work with the USCEC staff to obtain a nomination letter for their packet. In past years, a photograph was also required for the nomination packet. The photograph can be obtained from stores such as Walgreens or other businesses that help passport or visa applicants with photographs. 

CUMT has not completed all their forms required for a final application yet but will have done so by the time we need to submit nominations.  The immediate need is for WVU to initiate the screening process identified in Step 3 above.

Step 5:  Complications Due to COVID-19 Virus

CUMT, the Chinese Government, the US Federal Government, and WVU are all concerned about the status of the Corona virus health problems being faced in China and the rest of the World.  As a result, CUMT will evaluate its schedule for the program in April when additional information about the extent of the spread/containment of the virus is known.  WVU may take similar steps to limit student participation depending on how the virus is controlled.

Given the length of time required for completion of paperwork, CUMT and WVU have agreed to proceed with the nomination of students while awaiting the outcome of the virus situation in China.  It is anticipated that by June, the virus concerns will be minimal and CUMT is anticipating hosting the summer program on its regular schedule.  CUMT understands that students or WVU may cancel our participation if health concerns continue.

Step 6:  Financial Commitments

Once students arrive in Beijing, CUMT will provide the following services:

  • Meeting the students on arrival in Beijing and providing all local transportation costs associated with the program through taking the students to the Shanghai airport for departure at the close of the program.
  • Providing housing accommodations for all activities under the program
  • Providing regular meals for the duration of the program, including activities on the CUMT campus and field trips associated with the program
  • Providing costs for visiting cultural sites and other admission costs associated with the program.

Students will be responsible for the following costs:

  • Transportation to Beijing and transportation from Shanghai at the end of the program
  • Health insurance costs for coverage that is required by WVU
  • Tuition costs required by WVU
  • Personal expenses while in China – souvenirs, personal sightseeing, laundry, ….
  • Costs for obtaining a visa

WVU anticipates being able to provide a stipend to selected students that will help defray the cost of air travel to and from China, and tuition expenses charged by WVU.  Students will bear the cost of their personal visa and passport (if not currently possessing a passport). 

Please note that given the long lead time for securing the internal approvals in China, students will not need to commit to any costs until a final decision is reached in May regarding offering the summer program. 


Students who have questions about this process are urged to contact Richard Bajura or Annie Zeng whose information is provided below.

Richard Bajura                                                                   Annie Zeng

304-293-6034                                                                     304-293-5624                         

CUMT Contacts while in China

Mr. Zhang Zhenkang Program Director
Tel: +86 516 83590259
Fax: +86 516 83592001

Mr. Quan Xuehong Program Manager
Tel: +86 516 83995516
Fax: +86 516 83592005

Mr. Xu Yang Program Assistant
Tel: +86 516 83592004
Fax: +86 516 83592005

Address: No.1 Daxue Road, International Office China University of Mining and Technology Xuzhou, Jiangsu, P.R. China