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2021 CUMT Summer Program Application Instructions

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2021 CUMT Summer Program

Application Instructions for WVU Students 


Step 1 :  Learn More about the CUMT Summer Program for 2021

Please refer to the following entries on this website.  (Use links or subtabs at upper right corner of this page.)  

  • Subtab:  2019 Video -  a 10-minute overview of the 2019 summer program
  • Subtab:  2019 News -  news release about WVU participants in the 2019 program
  • Subtab:  General Announcement distributed to the University community

Step 2 :  Eligibility

This program is open to WVU students who will have completed a sufficient number of course credits to be classified as being at the Junior level or higher in their major field of study at the start of the fall semester, 2021.  This classification includes rising juniors (i.e., starting their junior year in fall 2021), current juniors and seniors who will be enrolled in fall, 2021, students who have graduated but will be enrolling in a Masters or Doctoral program at WVU for the fall semester 2021, and students who are continuing graduate students in fall, 2021.

CUMT’s intent in inviting students from WVU is to promote cultural exchange between students of different nations. The Nominating Committee will give preferential treatment toward the selection of students who have an educational background in the United States versus selecting international students who have come to WVU only for the purpose of earning a degree from WVU. 

Step 3 :  Initial Step in the Nomination Process – Target Date: Friday, May 21, 2021

Students attending the Summer Program at CUMT are selected by CUMT based on their credentials after having been nominated by WVU.  Interested students are requested to send the following information to the US-China Energy Center for review by the Nominating Committee:

  • Completed Registration Form – photograph not required for this step
  • Endorsement from Faculty or Department (optional, not required)

These two documents will be basis under which nominees will be selected.

Step 4 :  Completion of the Nomination Process - Target Date:  Monday 24, 2021

By this date, students must provide:

  • A photograph sized suitably to fit in the photograph area in the upper right-hand corner of the Registration Form
  • Make changes in Registration Form recommended by the Nominating Committee

Step 5 :  Financial Commitments

In lieu of providing financial support for travel expenses to China (not needed since program is virtual), the WVU Energy Institute will provide a $500 scholarship to students who earn a certificate of completion from CUMT for their participation in the program.  The scholarship may be provided as credit against their WVU tuition for the fall semester instead of a financial award.


Students who have questions about this process are urged to contact Richard Bajura or Annie Zeng whose information is provided below.

Richard Bajura


Annie Zeng